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     702 Water Street

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Kiva Guest,


The  Kiva Retreat House was established in 1980 to provide the community with a very special experience which would nurture people's bodies and soul.  Our desire was (as it remains today) to offer a place to meet in a relaxed and healing setting -- while escaping the fast paced world. 

At Kiva, we strive to provide a sense of community and well being, in a healing and holistic enviroment.

We hope you enjoy the experience.


"Kiva" is a Hopi Indian word meaning "sacred circle" and was an underground round ceremonial room where the Hopis held community and religious meetings.




Upon entering KIVA you are leaving the outside world behind and entering a sacred and special place to heal the body and soul. We ask that you leave your worldly concerns, cell phones, business work, etc., behind and only bring what will nurture your soul.


After signing in at the desk, you may book a massage or pay entry to access our zen garden. Once you are checked in, head to the dressing room where you will change and proceed to the showers to rinse off before entering the tubs.  Kiva is a clothing optional spa, and thus patrons may choose to wear a suit or not. From the showers, you will enter the gardens where you can enjoy our sauna, cold plunge and hot tubs. You can begin by using our dry sauna, proceeding into the cold tub, relaxing on the lawns in the gardens or in our hot tubs...


Over the past 34  years, we've learned quite a bit about creating the "Kiva Experience." We want Kiva to be a safe and nurturing place for everyone. In order to achieve this goal, we request that you observe the following guidelines:


Kiva Guidelines

  • Kiva Retreat House is a healing & meditative environment. Sexual advances, invasion of privacy, and other unwelcome behaviors are strictly prohibited.

  • It is inappropriate to offer massages to strangers.

  • Since Kiva Retreat House is a healing enviroment, public displays of affection are unwelcome.

  • Elderly persons, pregnant women, and those with health conditions requiring medical care should consult a physician before using the facilities.

  • Please supervise your children for their safety and to maintain our retreat atmosphere. No children after dark.

  • Absolutely no drug or alcohol use is allowed.

  • No Glass of any kind is permitted in Kiva. 

  • Extended use of the tubs or sauna may result in dizziness, nausea, or fainting.

  • Kiva is divided into social and meditative areas to accommodate individual preferences for being social or quiet. Please respect the boundaries between these spaces.


Sauna Guidelines

  • Absolutely no oil or salt on rocks, benches, or walls.

  • Everyone must sit on a towel at all times – no exceptions.

  • Please speak in whispers at all times. 

  • Please respect requests for silence.

  • Please respect the sacred communal space of our sauna.



All you need to do is bring yourself! Towels and locks are provided for a small fee or bring your own. Robes, Swim suits & yoga attire are available for purchase, as well as snacks.

Some of our regular customers like to bring:

  • A Friend

  • A Water Bottle (no glass)

  • An extra towel for the sauna.

  • A Robe

  • Something to Read

  • Sunblock

  • Another Friend